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All our practitioners are experienced therapists before they even begin to study the specific Ageing Unplugged programme and so they have abundant skills to help you get the best out of it. Any one of them will be happy to have a chat with you by phone, by Skype, or in person to advise you of their availability and what they can do for you.

They all have plenty of therapy experience, some specialising in certain areas such as pain management, anxiety, depression or other issues and these will show on their profiles on this site. Most will be able to work with you via Skype if you’re not able to visit them in person – and it’s possible that some might come to you, either at home or your place of work. This is very much up to the individual practitioner, as is their scale of fees.

If you don’t see a practitioner in your area, more will be joining soon – Ageing Unplugged was launched in 2018 and the training programme is ongoing.

Mrs Isobel McArthur

Insightful Wellbeing
Practice Address Neals Yard Therapy Centre Regent St Leamington Spa Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV32 4NR United KingdomPractice Address Bawtry Natural Health and Therapy Centre David House, South Parade Bawtry Doncaster South Yorkshire DN10 6JH United Kingdom Mob: 077 202 48593 Website: Website:


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Welcome to the Ageing Unplugged website and to my profile. There may be many reasons why you are here. Whether you are feeling unfit, unhealthy, lonely, stressed, anxious, concerned about the ageing process or just want to live the rest of your life to the full, then you are in the right place. It’s no fun going through life feeling this way, and nor do you have to.

My name is Isobel McArthur a Wellbeing Consultant/Therapist for the past twenty years. As long as I can remember, my overriding passion has been to guide, encourage, support and help others navigate some of life’s most difficult challenges and to be as happy, healthy and well as possible.  I use transformational therapies, holistic wellness, and workshops to both share information and to inspire others to create positive changes in their lives.

Please feel free to browse and to get a feel for who I am and the work I do.

The Ageing Unplugged Programme is a wonderful way to approach what I call “the wisdom” years.  However, sometimes the mind and body need a little support to enable you to really make the most of your health, wellness, vitality, connection, and relationships with others.  You may be sharing your life with a partner, or you may be widowed and feeling lonely.  The Ageing Unplugged programme may give you a new lease of life, a sense of balance, and new spring in your step!

Feel free to get in touch to find out more.





My specialisms are:

Ageing Unplugged Coach

BWRT Registered Practioner Level 1

BWRT Level 2

Anxiety, fears, phobias, relationships, stress, weight, grief, addictions, procrastination, motivation, confidence, self-worth, fear of failure and much more

Hypnotherapy – confidence, self-esteem, wellness, weight issues, stop smoking programme, Women’s Wellness specialist, Grief Recovery Specialist

Holistic Therapies – Reflexology for health, wellness, cancer & palliative care, Reiki for stress relief

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