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All our practitioners are experienced therapists before they even begin to study the specific Ageing Unplugged programme and so they have abundant skills to help you get the best out of it. Any one of them will be happy to have a chat with you by phone, by Skype, or in person to advise you of their availability and what they can do for you.

They all have plenty of therapy experience, some specialising in certain areas such as pain management, anxiety, depression or other issues and these will show on their profiles on this site. Most will be able to work with you via Skype if you’re not able to visit them in person – and it’s possible that some might come to you, either at home or your place of work. This is very much up to the individual practitioner, as is their scale of fees.

If you don’t see a practitioner in your area, more will be joining soon – Ageing Unplugged was launched in 2018 and the training programme is ongoing.

Helena Silver

Practice Address Avenue Road Southampton Hampshire SO14 6TR United Kingdom Mob: 07925282829 Website:


Photo of Helena Silver

I’m an advanced BWRT practitioner, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and coach

I work with clients either in person or online if you prefer. I also offer a free initial consultation either by phone, Skype or in person.

I delight in helping you to either discover or rediscover “the real you”, and find that clients are often surprised at how much fun they have along the way. Sessions are always tailored exactly to you, and techniques we use may include BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy), hypnotherapy, solution focused work, mindfulness and meditation, Warriors, Settlers & Nomads coaching, and generally exploring your strengths and what really lights you up.

I’m so excited to be offering the Ageing Unplugged programme as it mirrors my philosophy of focusing on strengths and solutions, rather than failures and problems. It also encompasses so many amazing techniques which will benefit you, even transform you, and bring back that sparkle.

Be prepared for a lot of laughter!


Stress and Anxiety

Defusing Depression

Fears and Phobias

Weight Management

Habits & addictions

Confidence and Self Esteem

BWRT Coaching

Warriors Settlers & Nomads Counselling & Coaching

Ageing Unplugged

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