Ageing-Unplugged Online Training

The Ageing-Unplugged Online Training Programme begins with a practical session that doubles as an assessment. After that, there are four personal development stages, each one giving you the tools to improve the vitality and wellbeing of your client.  You will learn how to work with everybody from the relatively young exec who wants to prepare well for age, to the ‘very senior’ individual who simply wants to improve the quality of their life and slow down the ageing process.


So what will I learn?

Everything you need to be successful when working in this rapidly growing area!  The Ageing-Unpluggedcourse covers everything from the initial assessment and guides you through all 4 stages of the programme, covering a huge amount of ground along the way.

Our training organisation

The Essex Institute, which was established in 1999 and has trained thousands of professional therapists all over the world. It’s through this institute that all our practitioners have studied the dedicated Ageing Unplugged training course, which was created by Terence himself, based on his vast experience.

Ready to get started?

“If you are already a qualified therapist with a sound knowledge of psychological working, and would like to become an Ageing-Unplugged Practitioner, please contact us for further details: