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The Ageing-Unplugged programme was designed ‘from the ground up’ by Terence Watts, himself a 77 year old, known for his energy and enthusiasm, even though is the unwilling ‘owner’ of a chronic illness.  Terence is a psychotherapist with more than 35,000 client hours to his credit, author of almost thirty books for therapists, seventeen professional training programmes, founder of a British Society,  (BBRS) two therapy associations, and two training organisations.

This is nothing to do with need or obsession, as it might be with some – it’s all to do with delight in discovery, and teaching others how to get the best out of life. This is somebody who certainly ‘walks his talk’ – they do say that experience makes the best teachers, and Terence has 77 years of experience!

terence watts creator ageing unplugged
Terence Watts
Creator, Ageing-Unplugged

Many who know Terence and/or have attended any of his training classes often wonder how on earth he continues to work at a level that would exhaust a younger person.  The answer that he thoroughly enjoys what he does and tackles life with an infectious enthusiasm that he passes on to everybody he meets.  All our practitioners have trained directly with Terence himself so you can grab some of what he has from them!

Terence’s ‘Mission Statement’ for Ageing-unplugged is to help as many people as possible to discover that great truth that fading into the background as you become older is nothing more than a myth!  There’re always goals to achieve if you want to, new things to be discovered and enjoyed, and a whole lot more living still to do no matter what your age. And it all starts here.”

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